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About Us

The use of Altered Auditory Feedback in helping people who stutter become more fluent remained essentially a clinical challenge for such a long time due to the large bulky devices that were used to provide the effects. Only with recent technological advances have these effects been captured in a device so small and inconspicuous, allowing them to be used outside of clinical environments.

The impetus for developing SpeechEasy stemmed from research conducted within the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at East Carolina University. Its conception was based on 10 years of peer-reviewed scientific research on the fluency-enhancing effects of altered auditory feedback in people who stutter. East Carolina University has licensed the right to distribute SpeechEasy to Janus Development Group, Inc.

Our Mission

In creating the most advanced fluency devices in the world, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity. We are committed to learning from and collaborating with allied healthcare professionals to create devices that provide real therapeutic value. It is our mission to provide our clients with tools that enable them speak more fluidly and allow them to experience the heightened sense of confidence, freedom, and self reliance that naturally follows from being able to communicate more effectively.

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